I prefer science fiction.

I prefer oil paints.

I prefer Proust to Kafka.

I prefer going to sleep early.

I prefer waking up late.

I prefer cats and dogs.

I prefer quilts to comforters and conversations to cuddling .

I prefer the mental to the menial.

I prefer respect.

I prefer communication.

I prefer maturity.

I prefer youthfulness.

I prefer post-it notes.

I prefer a rainbow of highlighters.

I prefer to-do lists and messy rooms.

I prefer black nail polish.

I prefer campfires.

I prefer handwritten letters.

I prefer to celebrate relationships everyday.

I prefer to tell my mother that I love her.

I prefer to keep my promises.

I prefer Darwin. And Dickens and Davis and Dawkins.

I prefer to listen to a piano rather than playing it.

I prefer reading the synopsis of a movie before I finish it.

I prefer not knowing what tomorrow will bring.



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