Love Poem

I love you truly. Truly I do.

Everything about me loves everything about you.

The caress of my fingers love you.

The flutter of my eyelids love you.

The sound of my heart when you catch my gaze

Loves you.


Look out! Fore! I  love you.


The wispy strand of car hair I’m wiping from my pant leg loves you.

The history of this hastily written phone number loves you.

My sigh in the background as you describe last night’s “major dump, dude”

loves you.


The cockroach of my obsession love you.

My pupillary sphincter loves you. Also my mother.


A locked door is both a locked door and an accurate representation of how your front door is.
All the time.


My many photos of you: love.

The candles surrounding said photos: love.

My monday night seances: love.

Geologic layers of love.


Hours after your last shift,

Brandishing and shimmering saber of love,

I dissect you cell by cell.

So I can love every bit of you

Blissfully and eternally


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