Something I’ve learned from everyone I’ve ever known (and counting…)

Ky- Timing is as it always will be, perfect.

Mackenzie- Just because the world is burning doesn’t mean you have to set yourself on fire.

Connor- Old habits die hard.

Dylan- Life isn’t always fair.

Nick- Accept the wonderful things as truth regardless of how unworthy you think that you are.

Lacy- Some people never heal.

Amanda- Nobody is going to save you.

George- Finding yourself may be the most difficult thing you’ll ever have to do.

Shelbee- People are going to hurt you, but never let them hurt you beyond repair.

Dayo- Kindness costs nothing.

Elijah- Accept yourself and you will find peace.

Mrs. Roel- You come out of the rough patches knowing how to help others.

Mr. Stephenson- Your inner child is the most important part of you.

Jackie- Don’t give other people control of your life.

Mason- Laughter is the best medicine.

Grant- Intelligence isn’t everything.

Joey- Be honest with yourself and others.

Lane- Hard work yields the greatest fruits.

Tyler- Family is more then blood.

Ezri- Life is art.

Sarah- Things always happen for a reason.

Lindsey- Your worth is not dependent on another person.

Phoenix- Weird is endearing.

Harold- You are not your parents.

Jason- Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Brittney- Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Bernadette- Shit happens.

Nehemiah- Some people mean just as much to you 10 years later.

Luke- You are the product of the people you surround yourself with.

Rahul- Dreams are achievable with hard work.

Victor- People are inherently good.

Ale- Friendship, relationship, human connection… These things are our most valuable currency.

Kate- Don’t apologize for being yourself.

Bailey- Things are never just handed to you.

Bailie- Be a beacon of good in a sea of bad.

Ethan- Some people don’t change.

Paige- Some people do.

Jake- Don’t be afraid to fall.



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